About these pages


## Mo Scéal (My Story) - a bit of my social presence and stuff

This site is just a list of various web stuff, links social media etc. A kind of online desktop.
And also fiddle about with an API or seven, widgets buttons

Should Include
- Twitter (buttons, my tweets, hastagged, other tweets)
- Google+ (Badge, plusone, share, embedde post)
- Facebook (like, embedded feed, share, message)
- YouTube (my videos, follow widget)
- Instagram (gallery)
- flickr (gallery)
- tumblr (buttons, feed and widget)
- linkedIn (share button, profile widget)
- ello widget
- Printest button
- foursquare button
- Static Maps (Bing, Open Street Maps, Yandex..)
- Dynamic Maps (Bing)

Also include
- My CV (Details, Skills, Education, Hobbies, Travels/Map of countries I have visited)
- Projects
- Other Links
- PHP Contact Form

May Also include some of my interests and projects I have worked on
- Chess
- Radio
- Satellite TV
- Skiing and Surfing Links
- Weather Widgets
- Politics / Elections

To Do/ Ideas
- Add printerst widgets
- Add send tweet, form, php, ajax, jquery?
- Add google plus feed
- Add hobby pages Radio, Skiing, Surfing and Chess
- Links to other pages and sites I have about 
- Dynamic Maps (Google, MapQuest) 

## Mise
Author: http://ie.linkedin.com/in/conorgilmer