I lived in Norway many moons ago, one disease i contracted there was the love of skiing, bad as I am at it I love it. And so now every spring I empty my wallet and go skiing, in Austria in recent years, but have skied in Norway, Italy, France and Germany many times now. I will add some links to the places I have stayed, resorts and ski holiday providers and groups, I have found decent and useful links here. I have done both package deals, and bespoke/a la carte holidays, there is benefits and challenges with both methods..


Pension Enzian Saalbach

Hemsedal Resort

Les Chalets du Jardin Alpin, Serre Chevalier Les Chalets du Jardin Alpin

Barenbachhof Hotel Saalbach

Siegi Tours

Bad Hindelang / Oberjoch Residence Algaeublick Book ,

Serre Chevalier

Val Thorens



Top Flight

Inghams Ski Holidays

O'Leary Travel

Navan Travel

Snow Forecast

On the Snow

Airlines from Ireland

Airlines from Dublin

Airlines from dublin to airports to ski in Austria or Germany.

Aer Lingus fly from Dublin to Munich, Salzburg and Vienna.

RyanAir fly from Dublin to Munich, Salzburg, Memmingham, Bergamo(Italy) and Bratislava(Slovakia).

Lauda Motion fly from Dublin to Innsbruck and Vienna. The use the Ryanair website

Luftansa fly from Dublin to Munich.

Airlines from Belfast

Airlines from Belfast to airports to ski in Austria or Germany. fly from Belfast International to Salzburg (Saturday).

EasyJet fly from Belfast International to Salzburg (Sundays some times Thursdays).

Airlines from Cork

Airlines from Cork to airports to ski in Austria or Germany.

Aer Lingus fly from Cork to Munich.

TUI Holidays for TopFlight fly from Cork to Salzburg, normally booked out for packages during the winter ski months.


Some resorts in the alps are served by rail, and can be an efficent way to get from the airports to the resort and at


One thing I recommend is to check when the school mid terms breaks are, normally it increases the prices for flights, accommodation, and availablilty. Once or twice we had extra traffic on the slopes and lifts since 1/2 of Holland, seemed to be skiing the same week as us.

ZigZagSki List School Holidays

European School Holidays

Booking an a la carte trip, really involves booking, your flights, connection, accommodation, and sorting ski-pass and rental when you are there. Often it works out better to get a bus or train or even hire a car, depending on the resort and airport you are travelling through.

Being able to ski to your door is nice, but it is more essential to not have to lug your skis back and forth between your accommodation and the 1st ski lift.

I have travelled to ski holidays in the Alps, from Dublin through airports such as, Bergamo(Milan), Lyon, Turin, Grenoble, Vienna, Salzburg, Memmingham, Brataslava, and Munich. So often there are different routes to get to a resort.

Clothes, ski jacket, salapettes, gloves, hat and ski-socks. A thermal layer Merino Wool, light, warm and non smelling, is one I really like. Goggles and shades, depending on conditions you can switch between them. Get Sun block and lip balm.

I rent my equipment, since I think it is too much hassle, carrying them on planes. If you are buying equipment, skiboots are perhaps the best since they can be specially fitted to you, also a helmet maybe a good to purchase and fits easier in your case.