Election Systems

I have written a number of programs to analyse the proportionality of electoral systems, I have updated them from time to time, and the latest versions below are bootstrap websites developed in PHP/MySql using Google Charts for the graphs (and in other incarnations using LibChart and PhpMyGraph).

Elections Proprotionality: Ireland

Elections Proprotionality: UK

Ireland Elections Proprotionality (Bounce): Irish Elections Seat Bounce

UK Elections Proprotionality (Bounce): UK Elections Seat Bounce

Irish & UK Elections Proprotionality : Bootstrap page

Irish Opinion Pools Opinion Polls Pie and Bar Charts (using Google Charts)

RTE Long Wave 252 Coverage

Needs to be changed to use MySqli and NOT to use Google Maps.

Map of RTE LW 252: RTE LW 252 Map. A PHP/MySql CRUD application using google maps.

Another Bootstrap Version of this site

Social Media API Social Media API

Monty Hall Paradox

Every time I learn a new programming language I write the three card game/Monty Hall Paradox, since its a simple enough program which requires loops, conditionals, function calls, arithmetic, input and output. So various incarnations (C, Pascal, Fortran, Cobol, Lua, Perl, Python, PHP, Java etc.) of this should be found at Monty Hall Paradox.


Another project I return to is an old college physics project which was computer simulation written in Modula-2, migrated to Pascal then written in Java. Numerical Simulation of Equipotentials.

Walking Stats

I set up a bootstrap site to track walking statistics and graph them. Walking Stats the distance and speed and calories were tracked by the runtastic app.

Generating Graphs

(To Do)

Here is a page where I put my thoughts and tips on using Google Charts, PhpMygraph and LibChart in generating graphs.

Graphs from Online Data

Display and generate data from online data repositories, cso and quandl.