Well these pages need to acknowledge some technologies and people who inspired them. Naturally technologies like PHP, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, API's and widgets from google+, facebook, youtube, instragram, flickr, twitter, tumblr, pinterest and foursquare. Also the lecture notes of Conor O'Reilly and Daniel Griffin, as well as evolving from some ideas while working with Fintan Killoran.

Also some old friends such as the vim( editor and gimp( were used to edit code and images, a useful online tool I like is Pixlr(

I have used both Eclipse ( and NetBeans( while developing some of the components in this and which it links to.

Developed locally on Linux(Ubuntu) with Apache, MySql and PHP, also then tweaked on XAMPP( and MAMP (

API's, Widgets, and Generated Embedded Code

Met Eireann Apps -
InstaWidget -
Douwe Osingas Map Generator -
Finance ( - Webmaster tools
Finance ( - Trading View Widget
Humans.txt -
Bootstrap -
Static Maps Generator -
Search Engine Widgets - and


Graphs using Google Charts
GPL PHP Graphs - LibChart